Professionally Recommended Mold Removal Methods

The internet is full of at-home or D.I.Y. solutions for every problem from organizing your coffee mug collection to getting difficult stains out of the carpet.  In some cases, these innovative solutions are a successful option for the problems they seek to address.  However, when it comes to something like mold, which in some cases can indicate or cause deeper problems, trusting someone’s trial-and-error blog on mold removal methods may not be the best way to go.  Instead, trust the experts in the mold removal field recommended methods that actually work.

At-Home Mold Removal Vs Professional Mold Removal

When considering mold removal methods, it is important to begin by considering the specifics of your particular mold problem.  Is it a large area, or a small one?  Has growth occurred on hard surfaces, like stone or metal, or is the mold on porous surfaces like furniture, fabric, or drywall?  Your answers to these questions make a big difference is choosing the proper approach. Take a look at this quick checklist to find out the severity of your mold problem.

The At-Home Methods

At-home mold removal methods work best on hard, non-porous surfaces.  In these cases, even soap and warm water can be an effective place to start.  Chlorine bleach also works on non-porous surfaces which won’t absorb or react poorly to the chemical.  If you want to avoid using such strong chemicals, white distilled vinegar can also take the smell of mold and mildew out of various surfaces around your home.  For more porous surfaces, you can also try hydrogen peroxide.  In order for this to work, though, it must be a concentration of at least 15%.

Consulting A Professional

If the mold growth is five square feet or more, you definitely want to begin by calling in a professional remediation service.  They will have mold removal methods that work on a larger scale, and will also be able to discover and resolve the root cause of the growth.

An important part of any of these mold removal methods,  is ensuring that you have treated the entire problem.  If you suspect it may be bigger than you see at first glance, or even simply cannot tell, contact Advanced Mold Diagnostics for a home mold inspection before you get started.  If it is manageable for you to deal with on your own, we’ll let you know!  And if it requires professional remediation, we are ready to help you clean up your home once and for all.