Reliable Commercial Mold Remediation For Pharmacies

Pharmacies cannot afford to take mold lightly. Pharmaceutical companies create and handle some of the most sensitive products on the market, making it all the more urgent to find effective commercial mold remediation for pharmacies. Mold can quickly and easily jeopardize the operations of any pharmaceutical company. As a result, pharmacies that develop relationships with mold remediation companies are in a better position to safeguard their business and provide reliable products to their clients.


The damage that mold can do to a pharmaceutical company, and its clients, cannot be overstated. Reports over the past few years have demonstrated how pharmacies can easily be infested by mold, and how that infestation can have devastating ramifications.


  • commercial mold remediation for pharmaciesFor example, in 2012, a specialty pharmacy in Massachusetts was found to have mold or bacterial contamination at more than 80 of its locations. The pharmacy was aware that there was a mold infestation but did not utilize commercial mold remediation for pharmacies. This inaction exacerbated the problem, tainting thousands of steroid shots. These steroid shots were implicated in at least 338 cases of Fungal Meningitis, which included at least 25 deaths, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


  • After an inspection by the Food and Drug Administration in 2013, a nationwide recall was issued on all drugs made by a New Jersey compounding pharmacy due to the possibility of mold contamination. The recalled products include antibiotics, pain relievers, and drugs that are used in medical procedures involving surgery and labor.


These are not isolated incidents, as the FDA has consistently found, and continues to discover, mold contamination in many pharmacies all over the United States. These cases demonstrate that a lack of attention to potential mold infestations can severely diminish the reputation of a pharmaceutical company, incur major financial costs and jeopardize the health and lives of patients who receive pharmaceutical products.



Why Pharmacies Need A Thorough Mold Remediation Process

Mold can infest a pharmacy in the same way that it can infest any building. Mold only requires moisture in order to grow on organic materials such as wood, paper, carpet, and insulation. Once mold establishes residence, it begins an immediate and persistent expansion, causing more damage to the building and jeopardizing air quality. As mold growth continues, mold can latch onto different objects in the surrounding area, spreading contamination far and wide. Here are some of the ways that mold can harm pharmacies, and how mold can be prevented:


  • Persistent and unchecked mold expansion is what leads to the contamination of pharmaceutical products. When mold infests and expands in a pharmacy, nothing is impervious to the problems that it causes. Equipment, clothes and chemical and biological substances can all be contaminated with mold, jeopardizing the health of individuals working in the pharmacy and those using the pharmaceutical products for treatment.


  • Pharmacies located in moist and humid climates are especially prone to mold growth. The more moisture there is, the higher the likelihood of a mold infestation. However, it’s important to remember that being located in a moist climate does not guarantee that a mold infestation will occur, just as being located in a dryer climate does not guarantee that a mold infestation will not occur. Mold should always be considered a salient yet preventable threat, no matter what the conditions are.


  • Pharmacies must consistently take preventive measures to avoid the proliferation-driven infection that mold causes. Spills should be addressed promptly and thoroughly. Equipment must be properly maintained to avoid leakage and condensation. Mold prevention is most likely to succeed when pharmacies maintain a sterile and clean environment, enforce adequate temperature control and reduce humidity.


The Most Reliable of All Mold Remediation Companies

If you help operate the facilities of a pharmaceutical company, then there is a good chance that you need commercial mold remediation for pharmacies. The stakes are too high for pharmacies to overlook the prevalence of mold infestations and the threat that they pose. As a result, you should contact the best mold removal company, which will be able to provide thorough inspection, effective remediation and reliable strategies for mold prevention.


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If you are in need of commercial mold remediation for pharmacies, then please contact us today. The sooner you reach out, the more efficiently we can identify and address any potential mold problems. Don’t gamble with your pharmacy. Take mold seriously by consulting with the most reliable mold removal company. Call us right now at 1-800-642-8305.