Bathroom Mold Removal Techniques From AMD

If you have discovered mold growth in your bathroom, you are probably looking for some bathroom mold removal techniques. While some mold growth may be far beyond your control and could require professional help, there are a number of mold removal tactics that could be effective in your bathroom.bathroom mold removal techniques

The most common DIY bathroom mold removal technique is the use of baking soda and bleach to take care of the mold on non porous surfaces. This technique starts with a baking soda mixture that will clean out the majority of the mold. Then, to finish it off, spray, scrub and rinse with diluted bleach. This part of the process can be repeated as many times as necessary on a nonporous surface. However, If you have a porous surface you will want to start thinking about using EPA registered disinfectants to get rid of the mold.

Another technique is the use of vinegar. Similarly to the bleach solution, spray white vinegar onto the mold and wipe with hot water after about sixty minutes. Vinegar can also be used to prevent the need for any other bathroom mold removal techniques because it can inhibit mold from growing in the first place. Therefore, if you regularly spray a tad bit of vinegar onto areas in your bathroom that are highly susceptible to mold growth, you will be less likely to find yourself having to deal with mold at all!

Among other removal techniques are the use of borax, ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide. You may want to experiment with these different methods and solutions to see what could work for you. If you find that your mold issue is beyond your own control, a professional mold removal service will be necessary.

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Bathroom Mold Removal Techniques | Bathroom Mold Removal Technique