What is Indoor Air Quality?

Are you someone who is concerned with the standard of living in your home and how it affects your and your family’s wellness? If so, you might already be monitoring the living conditions inside your home. The different aspects of home care you want to keep in check may include include:what is indoor air quality

  • Keeping your house clutter free
  • Making sure that your house is free from structural damage
  • Ensuring that your house is mold free
  • Maintaining an acceptable level of cleanliness

One factor you might be overlooking is the quality of the air in your home, also known as indoor air quality. The EPA says that indoor air quality inside homes can be 100 times worse than outside. For the sake of your health and others’, and the living conditions of your home, it is important that you learn the answer to “ what is indoor air quality?”


The technical definition for indoor air quality is “ physical characteristics, chemical characteristics, and airborne particulates of air in buildings, with a special concern for the impact on occupant health and comfort.”

Characteristics and factors that impact air quality are:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Aeration
  • Water build up
  • Existence of chemicals and gases in the air
    • Carbon monoxide
    • Radon
    • VOC’s

How to Improve/Manage your Indoor air quality

Maintaining or improving the indoor air quality in your home does not look the same for everyone or for every situation. The frequency and thoroughness of your cleaning, the materials your home is made of, and your lifestyle has to be taken into consideration.  The more people living in the home and the more carpet/rugs there are, the more cleaning will have to be done. Also, the addition of pets and smokers increase the need for proper cleaning to help maintain high air quality. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has regulations for the required amount of cleaning and renewal for all such variables.

Three main cleanliness factors to consider are:

  • The proper ventilation of your home
  • Thorough and regular cleaning of carpets and rugs
  • Replacing/ changing air filters as necessary

So, you now have the answer to “what is indoor air quality”? as well, as some of the steps to improve it. However it is something that can be examined and augmented by the experts at Advanced Mold Diagnostics.

You might be wondering, “what is my indoor air quality?” One of our many services at Advanced Mold Diagnostics is air quality testing, which includes a general background check on the occupants of your home and an assessment of your home’s air.

If the quality of your air is poor, resulting in issues such as mold growth, Advanced Mold Diagnostics can also provide the services necessary to remove and repair any area of your home that is damaged.

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