Tips from the Top Remediation Company Columbus Has to Offer

Not all mold problems have to be handled by a professional. If your mold problem isn’t a threat to your business or the health of your employees and customers, you can probably clear it up in an afternoon with the right tools and a little elbow grease.

If you want to get rid of that unsightly mold and make sure it doesn’t come back, take a few tips from the top mediation company Columbus, OH has to offer.

5 Tips From The Top Remediation Company in Columbus

Before you begin to tackle your mold problem, make sure it’s something you can handle on your own. While many small mold infestations can be handled by a dedicated business owner or facilities manager, some mold infestations run deep. These infestations can live in walls, ventilation systems, and even between sheets of drywall. That means they will keep coming back until you get a top remediation company in Columbus like Advanced Mold Diagnostics! If you’re unsure your mold problem should be handled by a professional, read this article for some guidance.

Once you’re sure it’s a problem you can handle yourself, you can get started!

  • Wear protective gear. Not all mold is dangerous, but it can still stain! Wear protective gear like gloves or an apron to keep the black and green stains off your clothes.
  • Dry everything immediately. Even if you completely clean the mold and eradicate all of it from your building, if you left the surface damp, the mold will likely grow back. Dry everything completely before you start.
  • Scrub with a cleaning agent and warm water. Simple household cleaner or some white vinegar is usually enough to do the trick with small patches of mold, but try bleach if you aren’t making enough headway.
  • Throw away absorbent materials near the infestation. Mold spores are tiny, and like to lodge themselves in materials with space for them to hide: things made of cloth, usually, like carpets and pillows, but also porous ceiling tiles.
  • Dry everything again! It is essential that you dry everything again, to make sure that no moisture remains. Moisture in the air or on the wall can help nurse a missed spore or patch of mold back to life, so dry everything out completely!

Remember that doing your own mold remediation is completely different from what Advanced Mold Diagnostics, the top remediation company Columbus has to offer, does. A mold remediation professional like AMD is able to tackle huge mold infestations, use advanced technology like thermal imaging to find mold where you didn’t even know you had it, and use general contracting expertise to repair your water damage afterwards.

If you run a business or medical center in Ohio and think your mold problem is too severe to tackle on your own, call Advanced Mold Diagnostics for an assessment today!


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