5 Reasons You Need The Mold Testing Berwyn Residents Trust With Advanced Mold Diagnostics

Mold can make it’s way into many different places in our home or office building. Either way, mold is always present in our environment. Mold is not always something that we need to be scared of, but sometimes in specific circumstances in our home, it would be better and healthier for our bodies if it were not present. With mold testing Berwyn residents recommend, you can have quality mold testing performed by our professionals here at Advanced Mold Diagnostics.

Here are 5 reasons that you may need mold testing performed:

  1. There is a musty odor in your home or office building. To find where the musty odor is coming from, you may be able to locate it where there is moisture.
  2. You’ve spotted mold in a place that gets a lot of humidity or moisture, like a bathroom or basement. Even if you don’t see mold but you may smell it, mold could be hiding behind wall paper, in pipes or in drywall.
  3. Humidity in your home or office building exceeds 60%.
  4. You or someone who resides with you is experiencing congestion, wheezing, itchy eyes or skin irritations and cannot find the source of where these symptoms are coming from, it may be mold.
  5. If there are visible water signs on your ceiling or wall, there may be moisture in the wood or drywall, causing mold growth.

If you have experienced any of the items listed above, please call Advanced Mold Diagnostics to set up a mold testing appointment today. At the appointment our mold specialists will take a sample from the outside of your home or office to compare with the inside. You will receive a comprehensive lab report of all your results.

After you receive your report, you will have enough knowledge to  move forward in the necessity of mold removal. Advanced Mold Diagnostics will provide you with do-it-yourself options for mold removal vs. professional remediation.

Call Advanced Mold Diagnostics today at 1-610-813-6259 and find out how you can get mold testing Berwyn trusts. Start living in a healthier environment today!

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