Let AMD Perform Mold Removal Services NJ Dialysis Centers Have Been Looking For!

Dialysis centers are a common source of mold growth. Sometimes, the centers don’t even know that they have a mold problem. It could be hidden within the walls or other areas that are easy to go undetected. Let Advanced Mold Diagnostics help your Dialysis Center create a prevention plan and remediate any existing mold growth problem. AMD is very familiar and experienced with dialysis centers and they can perform mold removal services NJ can trust.

We work with several of the largest health providers in the country and have done extensive work for them including inspections, testing and mold removal. We are always looking to keep your costs down while providing exceptional service to your staff and patients.

Why do Dialysis Centers have the potential for mold problems?

They have to use RO water (reverse osmosis) to remove the bacteria from the water used for patient dialysis

    • They have to go through an extensive process to clean the water before it goes through the RO unit
    • The RO water is stored in tanks
    • There are RO treatment rooms. These have the worst amount of damage

The water is delivered throughout the facility through an internal loop to each station for a dialyzer

    • The pre-treatment processes the water through carbon tanks with more valves and lines with the potential for leaks to occur — and therefore water damage, excess moisture, and potential mold growth
    • Many of the problems are caused by a lack of maintenance
    • The water leaks and spills go unattended and create problems
    • The products used are acidic in nature and will break down these water lines and equipment which creates moisture/leaking/flooding problems

With booster pumps, pre-treatment, RO, bi-card and acid systems usually contained in one room, the water treatment room becomes ground zero.

Why Should You Consider AMD Over Our Competitors?

    • Our use of thermal imaging, moisture meters, and knowing where to look- these are the 3 tools we use to identify and remediate the problem
    • Thermal imaging can take be utilized to scan an entire wall and quickly pick up thermal anomalies indicated where the moisture is present.
    • With our extensive work in Dialysis Centers – we know our way around and we know the areas that are most prone to moisture/leaking issues

Our goal is to protect your patients, staff and facility. The dialysis process is prone to leaks and water damage which consequently creates an opportunity for mold growth.  Most importantly, the dialysis patient is the MOST sensitive to a mold problem because of their compromised immune system. Let Advanced Mold Diagnostics help you take care of your patients by giving us a call at 610-628-0405. Advanced Mold Diagnostics provides quality mold removal services NJ Dialysis Centers can count on!

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