“Green” Mold Removal West Chester Residents Can Try

As a company that is truly interested in the convenience and benefit of our customers, we love to provide helpful tips for do it yourself mold removal West Chester residents can use to fight against mold. The first thing you might think of in regard to do it yourself mold remediation is the use of strong chemical solutions such as bleach. However, bleach is something that should be avoided when addressing mold growth for a number of reasons.

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Instead, we want to supply you with a few ideas that make use of much more natural and organic substances. “Going green” has good reason to be popular. Green methods are usually very beneficial in regard to effectiveness and health, even when it comes to dealing with mold inside your home or building.

One of the more up and coming means of mold removal West Chester residents can try is the use of essential oils. There are a variety of essential oils that can be used to kill mold, but one that is especially effective is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is so strong against mold that two teaspoons mixed with a couple cups of water is enough to take care of your mold issue. Spray that mixture on the infected area and look for excellent results.

Grapefruit seed extract is a bit of a more obscure ingredient, but just as effective in killing mold. The process is very similar to that described above for tea tree oil. Create a diluted mixture with a couple cups of water mixed with about twenty drops of the extract in a spray bottle and apply to the mold. One special benefit of grapefruit seed extract is that it is a clear substance with no odor. Thus, mold can be cleaned very inconspicuously.

Another great natural ingredient that might be the most common and thus most convenient is vinegar. Vinegar kills the majority of types of mold on nonporous surfaces. Distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle is the best way to put it to use.

Be sure to try out these tips for stopping mold growth on cases that are manageable. If the growth is more severe than what you can handle on your own, get the top mold removal in West Chester from Advanced Mold Diagnostics.

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