Do You Need A Mold Removal Specialist?

Have you noticed an unpleasant, musty smell around your home?  Are there dark spots clustering on the walls or edges of your basement or bathroom?  Do members of your family with asthma or mold allergies experience increased symptoms in certain areas of your home?  If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions, it may be time to contact your local mold removal specialist to schedule a professional mold remediation.  The experts at Advanced Mold Diagnostics can help you interpret the signs in your home and determine the right steps to take next.

mold removal specialist

First and foremost, it is important to note that mold is incredibly common, and most forms of the fungus are not toxic to the majority of us.  In fact, many instances of home mold growth can be resolved without the help of a mold removal specialist.  If the damaged area is small enough and no one in your home is at risk, you may be able to clean up the mold growth with simple household products. For a more comprehensive look at the severity (or lack thereof) of your mold issue, find out your Mold Score here.


However, there are other instances in which contacting a mold removal specialist is the best course of action.  If the area of mold growth exceeds five feet, it is probably an indication of a larger structural problem like a leak or improper drainage.  If someone in your home as an allergy to mold, asthma, or another similar condition, professional help is also a must.  Mold spores can easily be disturbed and become airborne, further irritating conditions like these.

If you have a large mold problem in your home and don’t want to wait any longer to find the help you need.  It is time to look for a mold removal specialist who can restore your home to its safe and healthy condition today.  Advanced Mold Diagnostics can help you make the right decision; contact us today at 1-610-427-8841.

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