Don’t Lose Sleep Over Mold Removal Cost

Is there mold growing in your home? Don’t let it fester any longer! Call Advanced Mold Diagnostics today and let us give you the service you need. When you contact Advanced Mold Diagnostics, you no longer have to worry about the length of time it will take to remove mold or the mold removal cost. We pride ourselves in quality service to you in your home or office building.

mold removal cost

Why Choose Us

We Provide Thorough Mold Removal. Don’t go with the “other guys,” choose Advanced Mold Diagnostics where we get it right the first time. We receive many calls from other companies’ customers who are unsatisfied. They had a mold project performed from another company who ultimately just didn’t get all the microbial growth and water damage. You can rest assured that we will correct the mistakes that others have made so that you can be rid of your mold issue once and for all.

You Get More Than What You Pay For. At Advanced Mold Diagnostics we are an advocate for you and your bank account. When we receive your call, we put you through our screening process where we may be able to detect whether or not the mold you have can be removed on your own — without one of our professionals. In some cases, mold testing or an inspection is needed so we can get a more accurate assessment of your mold problem, and in others it’s not necessary. We can give you step-by-step instructions on how to remove the mold yourself, if this is an option. This has saved some of our customers thousands of dollars. If you do end up needing professional mold removal, our mold removal specialists move diligently and efficiently to keep costs down.

We Get Down And Dirty. Advanced Mold Diagnostics does not just spray down the area, or fog your home. We use the latest high-tech equipment such as thermal imaging cameras, laser particle counters and moisture meters. We then go in and physically remove the mold ourselves to be sure that it is 100% gone.

Please don’t hesitate to visit our testimonials page where we have excellent reviews from our clients. Give us a call at (610) 628-4128 and sleep better tonight by letting Advanced Mold Diagnostics clear your mind of the worry of mold removal cost.

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