Help Relieve Allergies With A Mold Removal Company NJ Trusts

These days, everybody seems to have allergies. Some allergies are seasonal, while others seem to linger on. Perhaps your year-round allergies are caused by mold. Advanced Mold Diagnostics is a mold removal company NJ has trusted for over 25 years. Let AMD help you find relief in your discomfort.

How Does Mold Cause Allergies & What Are The Symptoms?

Mold is a form of fungi and it releases spores in the air indoors, due to humidity and dampness (found mostly in the kitchen, bathroom and basement). There are more than 100,000 species of mold, which have the ability to cause allergic reactions in all of us. The higher percentage of people that are prone to mold are those that are allergic to pollen and dander.

People in occupations such as farming, logging and baking have a greater risk of developing mold allergies.

Mold allergy symptoms are very similar to seasonal allergy symptoms. You may experience itching, sneezing, watery eyes, headaches, skin rashes, lethargy and congestion. More severe symptoms include asthma and other respiratory-related problems.

How To Control Mold Allergies

  • Always ventilate moisture-prone areas.
  • Keep all areas in your home or building dry.
  • Keep your shoes at the door so you don’t track mold in from outside.
  • Keep windows closed when the humidity is high so outdoor spores don’t bring themselves indoors.
  • Wash mold off hard surfaces.
  • Replace items which have mold growth on porous surfaces.
  • Clean sinks and tubs monthly. Mold loves to reside in soap residue.
  • If painting or caulking are needed for home repair, remove any mold beforehand.
  • Fix plumbing problems.
  • Remove/replace carpet if mold is growing there. Mold is very hard to remove from carpet.
  • Use OTC antihistamines and decongestants.

If none of these steps are keeping your mold allergies under control, you may need to call Advanced Mold Diagnostics for a mold inspection to be sure that you are not growing mold in unseen places. AMD – the mold removal company NJ can count on.

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