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When looking for a solution to mold removal, it’s easy to want to get it done cheap. The problem is, the cheap way is not always the right way. Advanced Mold Diagnostics is available for the mold removal Berwyn has been looking for.

Mold Removal Berwyn

Why Not Just DIY?

If you are considering a DIY mold removal, you need to consider the following factors to make sure that a DIY option is wise for your mold problem:

  • The severity of the mold growth: If the mold has not grown beyond five square feet in your home, you have a good chance of being able to take care of it on your own.
  • Type of mold: What type of mold is growing and how could it affect you, your family, or your business?
  • The ages and health of the occupants in your home:  Anyone who is very young, very old, or suffers from immunity or respiratory issues can be more susceptible to the negative effects of mold growth. If these individuals live in your home or building, it is recommended that you hire a professional service to ensure the safety of those inhabitants of your home.

If you find that the conditions of the mold in your home are conducive to a DIY removal, please check out our website for more information on how to remove mold on your own.

If you find that the mold in your home is beyond DIY, keep in mind that 50% of the jobs that we are called out to complete are those where we are cleaning up the jobs that other mold remediation companies fell short on.


We are not the cheapest mold remediation company around, but we will be the last mold remediation company you will ever need. With an abatement rate of 98.4%, you can count on us to get the job done right the first time.
Advanced Mold Diagnostics is an advocate for helping you save money and is the area’s leading mold removal company. AMD is known for getting the job done quickly, working efficiently and keeping your cost down. Give AMD a call to perform the mold removal Berwyn has been looking for!

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