AMD: Trusted Mold Remediation Specialists

Mold can grow very rapidly depending on the conditions within your home. If you have recently experienced flooding, leaking, high humidity or even something as seemingly insignificant as piled up wet towels in your home, your house is a perfect breeding ground for mold because mold growth is fueled by moisture. Because mold exposure can be harmful to your health – causing side effects like allergic reactions or respiratory issues – you will want to be sure to address the issue as soon as possible. Your best bet is to contact mold remediation specialists that can take care of your mold problem in a surefire manner.

mold remediation specialists

You will want to find mold removal specialists that have been proven to be trustworthy. Those specialists can be found at Advanced Mold Diagnostics. AMD has decades of experience and a pledge to quality that surpasses the competition. AMD offers a variety of services including indoor air quality investigations, mold testing, mold remediation, waterproofing and water removal, and thermal imaging among others. All of these services are done by certified specialists with the most advanced technology available.

An additional service offered by Advanced Mold Diagnostics is general contracting. We are committed to the convenience of our customers. Thus, we ensure that we will not only take care of your mold issue at its root, but restore your home to original conditions. Because of this, AMD partners with Advanced Building Strategies in all projects that necessitate construction.

Advanced Building Strategies is held to the same high standards of quality that are upheld by Advanced Mold Diagnostics. The primary focus is stucco repair for projects that involve mold removal within stucco siding. The general contractors branch of our mold removal company is one reason that Advanced Mold Diagnostics is the best and most comprehensive in the business.

If you are looking for mold remediation specialists that are reliable, professional, and offer all-encompassing services, contact Advanced Mold Diagnostics.

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