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As, autumn has arrived and brought its beautiful weather, you probably want to spend a good amount of time enjoying the outdoors. Playing in the leaves, tossing a football, or enjoying an evening beside a bonfire might be a few of the things you look forward to experiencing this time of the year. Unfortunately, your ability to enjoy these outdoor activities might be limited by fall allergies.

But, what if your allergy symptoms are not caused by anything outside of your house? What if you are experiencing allergy symptoms caused by mold growth inside of your home? If that is the case, you will want to receive mold remediation Cherry Hill residents can rely on.

Common autumn allergens can cause you to have a runny nose and itchy, watering eyes. Symptoms can also include sneezing and coughing. Similar symptoms can be attributed to an allergic reaction to mold growth.

The symptoms are similar and mold allergies can be caused outdoors as much as they can indoors. During the fall season, piles of wet leaves are perfect places for mold to grow. For this reason, it can be especially tricky to determine whether your symptoms are caused by mold inside or outside of your house.

The best way to begin determining whether there is mold inside of your house is to identify if your house has any of the warning signs for mold:

  • Are there any potential areas of moisture buildup, due to damage by flooding, leaking, or even extensive humidity?
  • Have you smelled a musty odor in your home?
  • Are there any visible signs of mold, such as peeling wallpaper, cracked or peeling paint, dark spots?

If you are experiencing problematic allergies, which you do not think are seasonal, and you have any of the above signs in your house, you may want to consult a professional to seek potential mold remediation Cherry Hill residents can rely on.

Advance Mold Diagnostics offers inspections and testing as well as mold remediation. Cherry Hill can trust in the decades of experience and the certified expertise from AMD. If you discover that you are in need of professional service, contact Advanced Mold Diagnostics for mold remediation Cherry Hill relies on.

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