The DIY Tips On Mold Remediation Bala Cynwyd Has Been Searching For

Mold plays a constant part in our life, whether we see it or not. When we walk outside, there is always a percentage of mold in the air, that processes through our body. A way to help control the amount of mold that we let come in contact with our body, is when we are in our home or office building. AMD would like to provide you with some tips on DIY vs. specialist services for mold remediation Bala Cynwyd has been asking us about.

mold remediation bala cynwyd

When Is DIY Mold Remediation A Good Idea?

  • The mold only covers a small area. (a 5 sq. foot area or less)
  • The mold is growing on easy-to-clean (non-porous) surfaces like glass, metal, tile, tubs, or sinks.
  • The mold is growing on hard-to-clean materials, like carpet or curtains, that you know how to easily remove and replace.
  • You don’t have any health problems likely to be made worse by increased exposure to mold (check with your doctor if you’re not sure if it’s safe for you to clean up a mold problem yourself).


When To Call A Specialist

  • When the area of mold is larger than 10 sq. feet.
  • There is mold in your heating, ventilation, and/or air conditioning system (most homeowners have neither the knowledge nor the equipment needed to properly remove mold from their HVAC systems).
  • You aren’t sure how to do all parts of the job correctly (if, for instance, there is mold inside your walls and you don’t know how to remove and replace drywall) or you don’t have all the tools required to do the job.
  • You have a medical condition that might be made worse by increased exposure to mold, like asthma, allergies, or an immune system disorder
  • You are already experiencing symptoms of mold-related illness, such as sneezing, coughing, runny nose, shortness of breath, wheezing, headaches, sore throat, or chronic sinus infections.

If your situation calls for a mold remediation specialist, call on AMD for the mold remediation Bala Cynwyd has been searching for!

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