Three Qualities of Mold Inspection Bryn Mawr Residents Should Look For

When the time comes to hire a company for mold inspection services, it is imperative that you find someone you can trust.  At Advanced Mold Diagnostics, we know that the results of your inspection can make a big difference in the steps that follow. Knowing this, make sure to do the necessary research before you begin and make sure that the company you hire has these three qualities of mold inspection Bryn Mawr residents should expect.

Mold Inspection Bryn Mawr

  1. Pre-Screening

When you call inquiring about mold inspection Bryn Mawr companies should begin by screening your situation over the phone.  This will help them assess whether or not you need professional inspection and remediation or if the problem is small enough to resolve on your own.  If the mold inspection agency you call jumps right into selling you an inspection, you may want to think twice. At Advanced Mold Diagnostics, we always begin by gathering background information over the phone.


  1. Certification

Secondly, check out the background and certification of the companies for mold inspection Bryn Mawr has to offer.  Do they have the experience to get to the root of your mold problem?  Often, this will require comprehensive background information, including building forensics and indoor air quality.  Additionally, do they have the professional certifications to back up this experience?  At Advanced Mold Diagnostics, you can have confidence in the expertise of every member of our mold inspection and remediation team.


  1. Professionalism

Finally, make sure that your mold inspection service offers the level of professionalism and respect you require of someone who will be working in your own home. Check out reviews and testimonials to make sure that former clients are satisfied with the work that this company has done when assessing the situation of mold growth in their own homes before you make the call.
For more information about mold inspection, Bryn Mawr residents should contact Advanced Mold Diagnostics today.

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