Quality Mold Inspection Wynnewood Residents Will Be Thankful For

Are you experiencing a mold issue in your home or office building? Advanced Mold Diagnostics specializes in mold testing, inspection and remediation. For residents and business offices alike, Advanced Mold Diagnostics will provide you with anything from a mold prevention plan, tips on do-it-yourself mold removal and mold inspection Wynnewood residents and business owners will be thankful for.

What AMD’s Mold Inspections Include

  • Gathering information to create a detailed survey of the home of office buildings history, past and present issues of concern.
  • A thorough inspection of the exterior of the home or office building, including landscaping, windows, exterior cladding and more.
  • An interior inspection focusing on areas such as:
    • Visual inspection for moisture intrusion
    • Utilization of PID monitors to determine whether a specific smell is mold or not
    • Utilizing sensors to measure carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and ozone levels
    • Testing of radon levels
    • Thermal imaging
    • Penetrating and nonpenetrating moisture meters
    • Usage of handheld laser particle counter readers
  • Mold sampling protocol performed, written up and reviewed with client.
  • Extensively detailed report that will be thoroughly explained to client with a definitive answer and scope of work for inspection performed.

With this comprehensive mold inspection Wynnewood will trust, these mold-related questions will be answered:

  • What caused it?
  • What will it take to correct it?
  • Is it impacting our health?

When it comes to mold inspections, Advanced Mold Diagnostics has the answer to any question you might have. Our #1 priority at Advanced Mold Diagnostics is to be sure that our clients are well taken care of, whether it be through professional remediation, DIY tips and tricks or clients that are just in need of simple, to the point answers.

So what are you waiting for? Give Advanced Mold Diagnostics a call at 1-610-628-4128 and let us pave the way to a healthier environment for you and those around you.

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