Solutions To Mold In Workplace Environments

You may have been informed by an employee or customer that you have a mold issue. Which step do you take next? There are many options, especially for those who are experiencing  mold in workplace environments.

Steps To A Healthier Workplace

mold in workplaceWhen you call Advanced Mold Diagnostics, our specialists will walk you through a phone screening process to discuss and identify if you have a mold problem. Dependant upon the conclusion of the screening and 15 point sick building syndrome analysis, our AMD consultants will provide you with these next steps.

  • You will receive a packet of information on mold in workplace environments and its affects on your employees, mold testing protocol, mold inspection and remediation protocols.
  • Client background information will be gathered including any OSHA state inspection citings, mold growth incidents and medical history.
  • When an inspection is performed, some areas that will be inspected will consist of the outdoors such as landscaping, gutters, construction, windows, siding and more.
  • Some of the indoor inspection will consist of monitoring specific gases (such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, radon, ammonia, formaldehyde and more), use of moisture meters and thermal imaging.
  • An AMD consultant will sit down and explain protocols that are recommended for your specific environment.
  • Thermography will be performed with our thermal imaging cameras to the presence of moisture in which mold growth can occur, in places that we cannot see.
  • Our AMD consultant will explain remediation, if necessary, to help keep you and your employees in good health. Not to mention, keeping your workplace at OSHA standards, reducing your risk of legal issues.

Advanced Mold Diagnostics is your go-to company to assess and remediate mold in workplace environments. For example: Ikea, Kinkos, Best Buy, Davita and many other corporations trust in Advanced Mold Diagnostics with a Prevention Plan in place, to keep these environments mold-free. Find out how you can get started today on the path to a healthier environment by calling 1-610-810-1573.

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