The Best Mold Detection Bala Cynwyd Has to Offer

Are you about ready to tear out your walls to find the source of that musty, moldy odor?  Wait.  There is a better way.  Advanced Mold Diagnostics offers professional mold detection Bala Cynwyd residents can trust.

mold detection bala cynwyd

If you suspect that there is mold growing unseen in the walls, floors, or ceiling of your home, it is important to investigate immediately. Although most mold growth does not pose a major health hazard, it can aggravate certain pre-existing conditions.  More universally, mold growth is an indicator of accumulated moisture.  When water, even a small amount, lingers in unseen, undisturbed areas, mold growth usually follows.  Often, an investigation of the fungus reveals the existence of a leak, crack, or other problem that needs to be resolved for the wellbeing of your home.  Advanced Mold Diagnostics, the provider of mold detection Bala Cynwyd trusts, can help you resolve this issue at every level.


When you first call Advanced Mold Diagnostics for help detecting mold in your home, you can expect that our service representative will spend some time getting to know you and your situation.  If the conversation reveals that your problem is easily resolved on your own, we’ll let you know!  However, if it seems to be a bigger problem, we will schedule a home inspection with you right away.  Then, a team of mold experts will come to your home to investigate the source of probable mold growth.  We can determine the extent of the problem more efficiently with the latest technology like thermal imaging cameras, laser particle counters, and high tech moisture meters..  Sometimes, it also becomes necessary to test uncovered mold to determine its species and potential health risks.  Once you have the facts, we will work with you to determine the best course of action.

When it comes to service in mold detection Bala Cynwyd has confidence in Advanced Mold Diagnostics.  With over 25 years of applied experience, we know what it takes to help homeowners like you get the facts you need about potential mold related problems in your home or building.  Because we work on both inspection and remediation, our mold experts have the most in depth understanding of both the problem and the best possible solution.  For the comprehensive mold services you need, Bala Cynwyd recommends Advanced Mold Diagnostics.

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