The Best Mold Removal Cherry Hill Residents Trust

Whether you are a business owner or homeowner, keeping your environment clean and purified for the health of your employees or your family is crucial. That is why when you discover that you are in need of professional mold removal services, Advanced Mold Diagnostics (AMD) provides the best mold removal Cherry Hill residents trust!

Why Should You Choose Advanced Mold Diagnostics?

Here at AMD, we are known for our thorough remediation and our honesty when it comes to the condition of the home or office building. With over 25 years experience, we have the ability to help rid your air of impurities.

We have experience in construction defects, building forensics, indoor air quality, environmental science and public health. We also serve as principal investigators for thousands of projects involving industrial facilities, commercial and residential buildings, hotels and schools.

Our Process

Upon your phone call, we will put you through our screening process, which involves questions regarding the mold situation, inquiring on the background and reason the mold may have formed in the first place.

Following our screening process, we will schedule a mold inspection so that we may gather information on the condition of the mold and understand the severity that the mold removal will entail.

After these necessary steps are taken, we will be able to perform the best mold removal Cherry Hill has been looking for.

What About DIY?

There are some instances where our experts here at Advanced Mold Diagnostics are able to give you some DIY advice on your mold issue. DIY mold removal may be considered when:

  • The affected area is less than 5 square feet.
  • There is no one with autoimmune disorders in the home or building in question.
  • This is a first time removal of that specific area. If the area is affected repeatedly, and appropriate ventilation and other precautions are present, there may be a hidden, underlying problem.

For more information on how Advanced Mold Diagnostics can help you, please give us a call today at 1-610-813-6259.

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