The Best Mold Removal Bala Cynwyd Residents Have Been Looking For!

Are you at a point that you know you are in need of mold remediation? Concerned about cost, time and looking for a high quality company? Unsure of which company to use for the best mold removal Bala Cynwyd residents and business owners can really trust?

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Advanced Mold Diagnostics is the area’s leading mold removal company. AMD is known for getting the job done quickly, working efficiently and keeping your cost down. Before mold removal is undertaken, you will have an estimate done by one of our expert consultants. Upon moving forward with AMD, we will use the amount you paid on your estimate, and put it towards your mold removal.


With mold removal, the goal is to rid your environment of the growth (and original cause) that is present, causing either unsightly or simply annoying effects like musty smells, allergic reactions, and dark splotchy areas on the walls. AMD will not only rid your home of all types of mold (including black mold), but we will also be sure to avoid the use of harsh chemicals. We strive to keep you and your family safe and healthy.


What Sets AMD Apart From Others?

During mold removal, you do not have to leave your home. All contents in your home will remain safe because we do not spray or fog – we actually remove the mold.


Some mold removal companies will tell you not to hire a company that does both mold inspections and mold removal. Their logic that it’s a conflict of interest is something we disagree with. The conflict of interest is neutralized with independent third party verification.


As environmental consultants, we are consistently called upon to perform post-abatement assessments on other mold removal companies. Unfortunately we find more sub-standard work than what we would like to see. In fact, seeing the lack of competent mold removal companies available was the catalyst for Advanced Mold Diagnostics starting its Mold Removal division years ago.

Don’t let your mold grow another day! Give AMD a call today and find out for yourself why AMD provides the best mold removal Bala Cynwyd has been looking for.

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