AMD Provides The Best Mold Inspection Broomall Residents Can Trust

You may have realized that you are in need of mold inspection in your home or building. You can see the mold growth in various areas of the home, and may be concerned about your health or your family’s well-being. Where do you go to get the best mold inspection Broomall can trust? Trust Advanced Mold Diagnostics!

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Why Choose AMD For Your Mold Inspection?

Advanced Mold Diagnostics can easily provide you with many reasons why they are the #1 mold inspection company in the area. AMD has over 25 years of applied experience with issues related to building forensics, environmental science, construction defects, indoor air quality, and public health. Our experts have served as principal investigators on thousands of projects involving commercial and residential buildings, industrial facilities, schools and hotels.


Our founder Craig Camel has over 25 years experience in the environmental and construction arenas. He started this consulting company by pooling his extensive experience in multiple disciplines to satisfy the growing concerns of people regarding indoor air quality issues. His background in building sciences along with his experienced staff is what makes AMD the experts when it comes to diagnosing building defects that cause indoor air quality issues, especially mold. We specialize in the investigative phase of detecting and diagnosing mold through mold inspections or mold testing. Mold remediation and black mold removal protocols can be established for the prevention of black mold and moisture problems in residential and commercial properties.
Everyone wants great results, great customer service and the lowest price. Our experience has taught us, it is very difficult to get all three. Which one are you willing to sacrifice?  Because in our line of work, you absolutely pay for what you get. When you realize that 50% of the jobs that we are called out to complete are those where we are cleaning up the jobs that other mold remediation companies fell short on, you know the vast majority of these people have sacrificed somewhere. You can count on us to get the job done right the first time and provide you with the best mold inspection Broomall has been looking for!

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